Administrator Training

What you will learn

Updating your Office/Department information and adding staff, managing user accounts

Part 1 - Managing your Organization Data

  • Addresses, Emergency info, Departments, Closing Days, Bank Accounts
  • starting at the beginning of the video

Updating this info should not take you more than 10 minutes. You can use your Dashboard in My Organization to check which info you are still missing. There will be blue highlights i.e. “no Emergency contacts added” in case you are missing this piece of information.

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Part 2 - Managing People and adding staff to the directory

  • Invite existing person from other organizations
  • Add Employee/Staff info
  • Add Board membership info
  • Managing User Accounts for Staff/Board
  • Add Job Position, and Leadership assignment / Managing Director

This part is starting at Minute 14 of the video

You can again use your People Dashboard to check if you have completed the information. The Dashboard will tell you “No Managing Director assigned” or “5 People do not have a user account”. This is your To-do list!

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Part 3 - Send User Account info to your staff

You can Check in People > Employees > Edit User Account if your staff has a log in already. From here, you can send them their login details, reset their passwords or create a login for them

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